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Rezervo Mini Batteryless Jump Starter (300A)

Model RZ-300mini

    Never get stuck again! With the Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter, it will be ready anytime, anywhere you need it. Unlike traditional jump starters that require a charge before jumping your car, the Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter only requires a quick charge from your weak battery to get your car started.

  • Designed for both the professionals and DIY users
  • Simple and safe to use
  • No batteries inside
  • No need to wait hours to recharge
  • Even starts vehicles without a battery.

Instruction Manual View Brochure

WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

The REZERVO batteryless jump starter uses ultracapacitor technology. It is able to harness the power from your weak battery and boost it to start your car. With built-in intelligent circuitry designs, it also prevents you from making mistakes while using the jump starter.

This jump starter performs well in extreme conditions. Traditional batteries, such as lead acid or lithium-ion, deliver lower cranking current at low temperatures. The ultracapacitors in our batteryless jump starter keep the same starting current even at extreme cold weather

Charge off of the vehicle own low voltage battery, another vehicle's battery, cigarette lighter adapter or mini USB via AC plug.

  • Ideal for cold starts on engines
  • 300A Starting current
  • Maintenance Free
  • For gasoline and diesel engines
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protection
  • Built-in voltmeter
  • No degradation in performance with subfreezing temperatures or age

    New Features for RZ-300mini

  • Less wait time to charge up the capacitors
  • LCD Display - shows battery voltage, percent charged, reverse polarity and override
  • Alarm buzzer when fully charged or activating override function
  • Compact and lightweight design with detachable cables
  • LED light for locating battery terminals
  • 12V battery trickle charger
Input 12V DC 10A, 5V DC 2A
Starting Current 300A
Working Temperature -30˚F to 140˚F
Recharge Time from Battery ~60 seconds
Recharge Time from 12V Socket ~85 seconds
Recharge Time from USB ~25 minutes

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